ESG International Logistics Service

Nissin provides a comprehensive international logistics service through its End-to-end Solutions Group (ESG) that provides clients with granular visibility into their entire supply chain operation. It helps them achieve their transportation goals, improve supply chain efficiency / flexibility and reduce operating expenses.

ESG’s mission is to provide comprehensive services and visibility to clients including assisting with internal processes such as purchase order and payment approvals, vendor and supplier selection, shipment coordination from supplier to final destination, monitoring and tracking shipment status and evaluating carrier, supplier and service provider performance.

International Logistics Services

ESG provides a customized international logistics service experience to customers and stakeholders involved in the procurement and order management workflow from order validation, appropriation and approval to transportation management and invoice validation.

  • PO creation and PO approval assistance.
  • Project Management and Planning. End-to-end coordination with project teams, suppliers and logistic service providers (LSP).
  • Global and corporate compliance and adherence to international customs and tax regulations.
  • Automated communication and data management.
  • Change and crisis management using Predictive ETA.
  • Expedite, track and deliver shipments worldwide.
  • Global supply chain visibility and intelligence into supplier, LSP, carrier and Nissin performance management.
  • Supply chain intelligence using dashboards and reports into their supplier, LSP, and carrier performance management.
  • Cutting Edge Supply Chain Management Platform and user experience.

Cutting Edge Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management System “GTM” acts as the Visibility Watchtower. This web platform provides an enhanced visualization layer that offers maximum visibility across your global supply chain. Out-of-the-box, pre-defined aggregation graphics and views provide a complete picture of goods that are on order, in manufacturing, in transit, and at warehouses.

Predictive outlooks help assess where inventory will be in the future, and whether it will arrive on time, early, or late. This enables us to proactively identify potential issues and access live transactional details to take quick action.

Information lag and overhead between transactional and reporting systems and processes is eliminated through the speed and power of the platform’s global network and integrations. This means you get instant updates that enable fast response to exceptions, better risk mitigation, and the ability to take advantage of opportunities in real-time.

Request a consultation to learn how our ESG international logistics service can provide you with end-to-end global supply chain visibility into your entire shipping operation.

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