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Nissin offers tailor-made solutions to various industries. We are always committed to your success.

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Our History

Nissin International USA Inc., is a 100% owned subsidiary of Nissin Corporation of Tokyo Japan. Nissin Group established operations in the United States in 1973, and we have since grown to service most of the major cities of North America. Our traditional business in air and ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage and warehousing have provided us with a solid background to enter the increasingly dynamic global transportation markets, with services such as third party logistics and supply chain management.

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Our Commitment

We are a global logistics company committed to providing innovative strategies and services to help our customers create a competitive advantage with secure, economic, and timely management of goods. Customer satisfaction is the top priority with the highest ethical and professional standards for compliance in all business activities.

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Our Strengths

Management will adapt to changing business needs, monitor performance quality, and develop improvement opportunities to achieve world-class performance and best-in-class e-commerce systems to meet the needs of our valued customers now and in the future. Since the mid-1990s, we have undertaken a long-term commitment to utilizing the latest technologies in data and communications to provide our customers with the most current information about their products. We have learned that in the growing global economy, information can be as valuable as the product itself.

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Our Reach

Our well established network of offices and agents worldwide, supplement our electronic capabilities by allowing us to provide cost effective and seamless door to door services. Additionally, any of our individual services can be customized or combined with external services to meet your specific requirements. For more detailed information please see our services pages or contact your local Nissin representative.

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Our HeritageNissin Corporation

Nissin Corporation was founded in 1938 as a domestic in-harbor transport company in Yokohama, Japan’s main gateway to the world. It has since expanded to cater to the logistics needs of the Ports of Kobe, Osaka and Chiba.

As Japan developed into a world economic power and its transportation needs became more advanced and complex, Nissin faced the rising need to improve both its systems and facilities.

In 1968 it began offering comprehensive global logistics services, an entirely new category of service, and it now operates in Japan and 23 other countries.

Our name, Nissin, is derived from the Chinese literature classic “Great Learning,” combining two characters meaning ‘day’ and ‘new’ to reflect the company spirit of encouraging effort to improve daily.

This spirit drives Nissin to respond to change proactively so tomorrow is always better than today as it fulfills customer needs growing increasingly global, advanced and complex.

To show its high environmental awareness Nissin has been working to obtain green business certificates from the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation for its operations and offices as it promotes groupwide effort to build a new business model that capitalizes on its strengths, specifically overseas networks and international logistics.

Through these efforts, the company is building its reputation among customers as the true global logistics service provider.

Nissin U.S.A Leadership

CEO/Pres Message
Our passion is to make a positive difference by sustaining quality of life through logistics. Our core values are Caring for all stakeholders, being Positive always, and to being Reliable by utilizing our core values to hire, fire, reward and recognize.
Mits Matsusaka – CEO
Our Commitment
As a supply chain solutions provider, we aim to
realize a sustainable society as we impact
people’s lives and deliver happiness around the world.
Koji Komai – President

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