Customs Brokerage

Timely customs clearance and customs compliance for your freight.
Since 1987, we have solved the needs of importers of all sizes. We have a caring and flexible staff that can adapt to any situation.

Achieve a More Timely and Friendly Customs Clearance Experience

Explore Customs Duty Reduction Opportunities

Be Informed About Changes In Trade Law

Have Better Visibility Into Your Customs Documentation and Status

With Nissin International Transport, USA you will:

  • AVOID discrepancies in customs information which can cause increased costs and delays in shipments
  • AVOID penalties or additional/retroactive payments to customs because of documentation issues
  • AVOID delays due to untimely clearances
  • AVOID errors in customs transactions
  • AVOID feeling blind to your customs status

Nissin Assurance Plan

How to Get Started

Request a

Experience a Discovery Call & Follow Up Meeting

Receive a Custom Proposal Response

Have Confidence in Your Brokerage Operations and Compliance

The Nissin Difference

Better Experience. Better Compliance.

  • Experience – More than 30 years experience handling different commodities
  • Reduce Risk – With a higher level of compliance
  • Consultation – Request a customs consultation to learn how to avoid delays and penalties for your specific products
  • Savings – Get help identifying duty savings opportunities
  • Confidence – Have confidence in your customs brokerage operations and compliance

Customs Brokerage Services

Streamline your operations through experience and compliance

Nissin’s Customs Brokerage Services Division is committed to excellence in providing efficient and diverse services. We have highly professional brokerage and trade compliance teams to meet your needs. From our electronic clearance network with U.S. Customs Service to creating customized services that focus on each customer’s individual needs, Nissin Customs Division has the experienced staff, modernized systems, and the expertise to have your shipments clear the customs process quickly and efficiently.

Nissin’s customs brokerage services provide a unique blend of customer service, dedication to compliance, and creative planning to serve your needs.  Our brokerage team consists of friendly and knowledgeable staff along with a team of licensed Customs Brokers who form our trade compliance group.  Our dedication to accuracy and efficiency will allow you to focus on your other business needs with the comfort of knowing your shipments are clearing customs smoothly.  In short “we have your back”.

Our state-of-the-art Customs software and automaton capabilities make for the most efficient process.  Our report capabilities have an endless combination of all data included in your entry.  Conversely, the system can accept import data via EDI, CSV/Excel, or even a commercial invoice which allows for the most accurate and efficient data transfer.

Our Trade Compliance team specializes in identifying where trade compliance programs or changes in Customs Law may affect your company’s import program.  Our team of licensed Customs Brokers reviews all trade publications from many sources so that we are well informed.  We then identify any clients who may be affected and update them regarding the regulation changes.  In addition, we offer a variety of compliance and customs brokerage services that will help keep your trade compliance in good order and up to date.


Allows the importer, using reasonable care, to file entry summaries with CBP with the best available information, with the mutual understanding that certain elements, such as the declared value, remain outstanding. Later, when the specifics have been determined, the Nissin customs team will file a Reconciliation which provides the final and correct information to Customs on your behalf.

Foreign Trade Agreement Eligibility Determinations

Unsure if your commodity meets any current trade agreement? Let our experienced licensed customs brokers review your product to provide much needed information so you can make an educated eligibility determination.

Post Summary Corrections

Allow us to meet your Post summary correction needs. Custom entries may need to be corrected post payment of duties. Nissin’s knowledgeable customs team and our updated systems make the process simple and easy.

PGA Expertise

From Fish and Wildlife to the EPA our trained staff can make dealing with other partner government agencies a non-issue. Nissin’s Customs Team will assist with documentation and work directly with partnering agencies for a seamless entry process.

HTS Classification Assistance

Unsure what HTS classification to use when importing a product? Allow our experienced Licensed Customs Brokers to assist in reviewing and providing a recommended classification.

Binding Rulings

If unable to determine an HTS# classification for a product, Nissin’s customs compliance team can assist in putting together information and submit to customs to obtain a binding ruling for your product.

Duty Drawback

Do you need a customs drawback because the commodity did not meet specifications and is either exported or destroyed? Perhaps the commodity will be used in a manufacturing process consisting in a tariff shift. Let our customs compliance team assist in the drawback process and in reclaiming duties paid.

On-Site Training

Nissin’s compliance team can make a visit to your facility for on-site training. Teaching your team in understanding the customs entry process from understanding the harmonized tariff schedule to what the complete customs entry process entails.

Customs Bonds

Nissin can assist in obtaining a continuous or a single customs bond required for the importation process. Our compliance team will evaluate what bond amount is best for your company to meet all needs.

Customs Brokerage & Advisory Services

Nissin’s licensed customs brokers and experienced team members are there to meet all your customs needs. Whether it is just a simple question or a complex issue we are available for all your needs.

C-TPAT Consulting/Certification

Let our specialized teams work with you to obtain C-TPAT status or assist with certification. Our customs and business compliance team’s work together to provide exceptional service in making the C-TPAT certification a smooth process.
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