USA Mexico Services

Dependable freight-management for LTL, FTL and Ocean Imports.

Moving freight between the USA and Mexico adds complexity for ensuring your freight arrives on time and undamaged. At Nissin, our freight management experts navigate the details of customs and border crossing to ensure your shipments arrive on time and in-tact.–-Know-Where.png

Less Than Trailer Load (LTL) Consolidation

Full Trailer Load (FTL) Fast Pass

Ocean Import – West Coast Solution into Manzanillo, MX

Optimized Transit Times

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The Nissin Difference

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  • Flexibility – Move your freight in a way that works for you: LTL Consolidation, FTL Fast Pass, or Ocean Import.
  • Peace of Mind – Know that your freight delivery won’t be delayed by surprise borders and customs policies.
  • Visibility – Real-time visibility into your freight’s location at all times.
  • Efficiency – Our planning, resources, and infrastructure account for contingencies along the way, ensuring our processes are the most efficient.
  • Resources – Multiple logistics centers throughout Mexico and North America to support your freight management needs.

USA Mexico Services

Dependable International Freight Management Services

With multiple branches throughout the USA and Mexico, Nissin provides its customers with dependable freight management services that eliminate complexities caused by international shipping. In addition to timely arrival, inventory is transported as safely as possible through expert load optimization and state-of-the-art equipment.

The freight management experts at Nissin will handle your unique project requirements while leveraging our infrastructure and resources to ensure your inventory arrives on time at the right destination so you don’t have to incur costs from delays.

We understand the importance of timely delivery, which is why our cross-border experts use detailed information to process customs documents – all contributing to a flawless shipment process. Our 30+ North American locations are equipped to facilitate border crossing drayage, US and Mexico customs clearance, and Foreign Trade Zone policies. We also offer three different ways to move your freight between the USA and Mexico: Less Than Trailer Load (LTL), Full Trailer Load (FTL), and Ocean Import.

Nistrans Mexico Logistics Centers

Nissin Mexico started our operation in August 2000. Along with our alliance partners we are able to meet the growing demands in the automotive industry.

Together Nissin offers EDI and GPS capabilities with 170 carriers utilizing multiple distribution points in Puebla, Queretaro, and Saltillo

Less Than Trailer Load (LTL) Consolidation

We have access to more than 12,000 logistics load bars, making the use of Logistics Posts Trailers a natural solution for our LTL optimization services.

LTL Services Include:

  • Pick up in North America
  • 53’ dedicated van trailer
  • Expedited Line haul to Laredo
  • Reduced terminal handling and processing
  • More efficient transit time
  • Available for Customs clearance sooner in Laredo

Full Trailer Load (FTL) Fast Pass

Transport your freight across the border efficiently. FTL Fast Pass Services include:

  • Pick up in North America
  • 53’ dedicated van trailer
  • Expedited border crossing using Fast Pass
  • Free Trade Zone Customs Services in Mexico
  • Cross dock for delivery to the requested destination
  • Customer door delivery

Ocean Import into Manzanillo, MX

Our West Coast Ocean Import Solution ensures we handle the details while you simply monitor the location of your freight.

We handle:

  • Overseas T-90 insurance policy request
  • ETA Docs and Pre-alert sent 10 days prior to ETA
  • MBL endorsements and M3 Proformas
  • Container discharge and truck load
  • All other checkpoints and logistics from ZLO port to USA via FTZ

LTL Load Optimization & Equipment

Logistics Posts

Nissin uses Logistics Posts Trailers in our consolidation network.

  • Core Carriers are required to have logistics post trailers.
  • Nissin has access to more than 12,000 logistics load bars.

Consolidation inherently reduces damage due to less handling than traditional LTL. Using “Tetris” modeling enables us to optimize trailer usage while reducing in-transit damages.


Airbags can fill voids in loads that otherwise may allow shifting of freight in transit.

FTL Mexico Cross Border

Our cross-border experts use detailed information to process customs documents needed for flawless shipments.

Part-level Validation and Verification

Personal Customs Border Agent

Streamlined Processes
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