Full Material Handling Equipment

When it comes to continuous improvement in distribution and warehouse management, Nissin Logistics understands that efficient Materials Handling is a major key to the success of our warehouse and distribution operations. We provide proven solutions and the equipment to reduce your operational costs and increase productivity throughout our facilities. We partner with our customers to understand their product handling along with their specific needs and challenges.

Nissin Logistics has a proven success in developing strategic Materials Handling solutions that will increase your supply chain efficiency. We go above and beyond the norm of just providing Materials Handling equipment to your operation. We take the time to learn and understand about your business and challenges. We learn by listening to and working closely with you.

Nissin Logistics has the expertise to develop several custom Materials Handling solutions that best meet your specific requirements and positively impact your operation.

It’s not only about our bottom line. It’s about yours.

Here are some of the Material Handling equipment options Nissin Logistics can provide to your operations.

  • Storage Equipment
  • Structural Rack
  • Selective Rack
  • Flow Rack
  • Drive-In Rack
  • Drive-Through Rack
  • Cantilever Rack
  • Roll-formed Rack
  • Transport Equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Carousels
  • Sortation Systems
  • Forklifts
  • Clamp-lifts
  • Swing Reach Trucks
  • Order-pickers
  • 4-Directional
  • Stand-up
  • Sideloaders
  • Identification and Communication Equipment
  • Bar codes
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Systems
  • Portable data terminal and printers
  • Electronic data interchange EDI/Internet

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