The brains and the brawn.

Nissin’s Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management Software (WMS) has been an industry leader for years because it provides best-in-class logistics technology that delivers truly measurable ROI and productivity gains in labor, inventory, physical space, time and costs. Going far beyond basic picking, packing and shipping, our WMS optimizes warehouse operations while transforming warehouse logistics into a critical strategic component in the supply chain.

Nissin’s WMS efficiently manages multi-channel distribution and responds quickly to shifting demand to optimize performance. It also enhances inventory management by increasing accuracy, improving order fulfillment, and reducing order cycle time.

Nissin’s Manhattan WMS can be integrated with a variety of client systems, including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Bahn, People Soft, and Legacy System. 

Request a consultation to learn how our Warehouse Management System can help you effortlessly manage your storage and distribution operations.

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Automate picking, packing, and shipping.

Reduce expenses on labor and storage by managing tasks an improving processes

Consolidate orders to reduce shipping costs

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System directed shipping and receiving

RFID Capabilities

Facilitate efficient receiving and disposition of returns.

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Comprehensive EDI Capabilities

Nissin’s Information Technology has the expertise in developing EDI connectivity with all of your customers and vendors.

We understand today’s EDI standards and the requirements needed to ensure efficient communication between multiple parties.

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Some of the benefits of EDI/Integration include:

Data Accuracy

Lowering Operating Costs

Reduce Error and Increases Business Information

Increase Productivity

Inventory Controls

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